Service Agreement

Service Agreement

LOVE TOUR GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALES AND BIDDING AGREEMENT Yunus Cad.402 Sk. 9 / J Çamlık Mah. Located in Didim / Aydın, Ulus Sey.Tur.Ltd.Şti (hereinafter referred to as Love Tour) organizes private tours and airport transfers. Love Tour buys service from suppliers both at home and abroad. This contract contains the legal provisions of the agreement between the Love Tour and its customers and recommends that its customers read this agreement carefully. This agreement will be valid by using or any Love Tour website and from the moment a shopping from the Love Tour is paid (even non-refundable prepayment). Love these sales terms and conditions of the Tour - the Republic of Turkey and other countries have the right to change the laws according to tourism. New laws may affect a program in force. 1. Love Tour only carries the package tour and responsibility against customers who have received any transfer. There is no other service responsibility for those who are not.

2. Love Tour trips; 30% of the total price is paid as prepayment and the remaining balance must be paid 15 days before the date of travel. - For cancellations up to 15 days, per person; 30% - 40% of cancellations up to 10 days or 14 days - For cancellations up to 7 or 9 days, 60% is not refundable. - In the event of cancellation or not being able to reach the tour / hotel / transfer in the last 6 days or unannounced, the fee will not be refunded. Ship tours and special tours can be different. - In case of a cancellation a minimum of 10% and a 5% deduction for name changes will be made regardless of the duration. For any reason whatsoever, the person who has not deposited all the services received within the specified periods, even if they cancel their reservations, is deemed to have already accepted that the same rates will be charged to them, depending on the limits stated above.

3. If the customer does not make the payment on the day of the payment, the customer is obliged to pay the 5% monthly interest in addition to the Love Tour. 4. Love Tour trip fees, TL value during programming are based on exchange rates, transportation vehicles and hotels prices, fuel and labor charges. Any increase in the rates of travel and / or increase in tax rates during the travels and the increase in the rates of new taxes are reflected in the same rates. In such cases, passengers may not be entitled to cancellation and / or compensation. 5. The timetables of the aircraft, ferry and train travel shown in the trip schedules are adjusted according to the official programs of the related establishments. The Love Tour cannot be held responsible for changing these hours. The places on the plane were separated from the touristic location of the related aircraft companies. Travel is subject to the applicable passenger and baggage handling rules. 6. Regarding customs and passport formalities in our international trips, our customers are required to have passports and required visas with them. Any problems with the exit operations will not be associated with the Love Tour; Regardless of the reasons, passport and customs officers are not refunded to the passengers whose foreign entry / exit is blocked. It is also the responsibility of our customers to deposit the exit fees.

7. Child discounts shall be applied in case of a third or fourth person staying in the same room together with their parents. The Love Tour carries no responsibility for minors and parents. Please note that children are not allowed in the bed and transport. 8. Love Tour does not have any responsibility for cancellation of the tour or the movement hours, stopping places, transportation companies, accommodation facilities, depending on the standards stated in the programs, even if they do not have any responsibility due to the reasons for not being able to reach the sufficient number of people who are not taking part in the tour. has the right to change or to transfer the passenger to another agent. In single hotel accommodation, you can change the hotel and / or date of the booked hotel with prior notice; however, the customer has the right to cancel the reservation. 9. In the event that the Love Tour is included in the bus transport services, the baggage must be delivered by the passenger personally to the guides on arrival and departure. The baggage delivered to the Love Tour is guaranteed by the passenger transport and traffic insurance policy of the vehicle during the journey. In the event of a loss or theft, the amount payable for each baggage shall not exceed 100 TL (100 Turkish Lira) and this payment shall be valid for a maximum of baggage per person. Money, jewelery etc. valuable securities such as luggage should not be kept. Love Tour cannot be held liable for any baggage damage caused by negligence or caste of carriers or third parties.

10. The responsibility of the Love Tour in traffic accidents is due to the current insurance of the vehicle. The Company has no other liability. In addition, Love Tour is not responsible for any delays that may arise from technical failures. 11. Excursions for bus trips are not included. Love Tour is authorized to change the seating plan on the bus if it deems it necessary. 12. Guests; regardless of arrival times; It is deemed that the rooms should be evacuated at 14:00 hrs at the earliest, and that the rooms should be emptied at 12:00 hrs at the latest on the day of departure, and that the fees for extra food, beverage and non-program services will be paid by them. 13. Love Tour is not responsible for the lack of service and skills in accommodation facilities. However, against the hotels that are in violation of the agreement with the Love Tour, the customer can open a case with the company or alone. 14. The Customer must report any complaint arising out of the Love Tour and accommodation facility services to the agent and the company headquarters in writing within 24 hours. 15. Love Tour carries out the transportation services with the vehicles that are rented by the carriers of the carrier companies that carry out scheduled or unscheduled flights. The Love Tour is therefore an intermediary between carriers and accommodation facilities on the one hand and participants on the other hand. shall not be liable for any fault, accident or loss, regardless of the reasons and consequences, and also for the compulsory and extraordinary circumstances occurring outside of his / her own will or for the additional costs and obligations that may arise from them. 16. The Love Tour accepts no responsibility for any errors that may be made in the customer's requested credentials. Consequently, the person receiving the service documents should in particular review the dates and other details and inform the Love Tour about the incorrect information and ensure that the form is corrected.

17. The customer is given the hotel / tour / transfer / air ticket document issued by the Love Tour. he must deliver the printed document to the official. The Love Tour cannot be held responsible for any problems that may arise if this document is not delivered to the authority. 18. All the Turkish Lira prices stated on the website are calculated on the basis of the foreign exchange selling rate of the Central Bank. Payment rates per day in the Republic of Turkey Central Bank Foreign Exchange Sales vary depending on the rate. 19. TÜRSAB TAHKİM BOARD and Didim Courts are authorized for any disputes arising from these sales conditions.

SPECIAL FOR GREEK ISLANDS: In some periods, ferry services in Greece can be made at night. Therefore, instead of spending a night in a hotel, you may have to choose this ferry and in this case, the hotel will be charged with the fee. All the "Greek islands" Our tour to Greece will be organized according to its domestic ferries from Turkey and Greece. Hence there may be some program changes at the booking stage and - if necessary - prices can be revised. In case of accommodation in hotels other than hotels given in the program, prices can be revised. In case there is no availability in the facilities offered, alternative hotels are given as an alternative to you (in this case, prices may change). It is possible to design alternatives in your Greek Islands according to your preferences. To see the Turkey-Greece ferries and domestic ferries to Greece, you will find detailed information on and make your booking online. Strikes, bad weather and sea conditions caused by the Love Tour's problems beyond the control of the trip may be stopped, interchangeable, or the duration of the voyage may be extended. The responsibility for any costs and omissions, including any expenses such as transportation, accommodation and food, which may arise from such delays and cancellations, shall not be borne by the Company or the ferry company concerned. According to the International Maritime Rules; For security reasons, it is mandatory to provide the information specified when booking; Name, surname, gender, date of birth, nationality, passport number, category (adult / child / infant). Passengers must be ready for boarding at least 1 hour before departure. Otherwise, the ferry company reserves the right to cancel the refund.The responsibility of the documents (passports, visas, identities) which are valid at the Turkish and Greek customs is the responsibility of the passenger.

TRANSFER Reservation Transfer reservations are accepted by email, telephone, fax or online. Transfer information must be sent to the Love Tour 48 hours prior to the flight. Less than 48 hours before the flight, passengers must contact the office. Passengers must receive a copy of this confirmation and keep it at the time of transfer. All flight details are given correctly and flight numbers, hours and so on. For changes, the Love Tour must be notified. In case the passengers do not provide information about the flight change (delay, flight number, etc.), the Love Tour is not responsible for any problems in the airport. At airport When passengers arrive at the airport, they must find one of our LOVE TOUR guides or drivers. Our guests will be welcomed with the LOVE TOUR sign. Welcome by name It is done. Love Tour provides service and private (vip) transfers. For service transfers, the Love Tour can combine different flights at the same time. Thus passengers can wait at the airport for a while. Passengers (except those who make online reservations) must pay at least a one-way transfer fee to the Love Tour representative at the airport and must take the receipt as proof of payment. If the passenger misses the flight (in the UK, etc.), the transfer service will be canceled (no refunds). If the passenger still wants to transfer, they must pay an additional fee.on the return Return transfer bookings must be made 48 hours before the flight Transfer time is announced 24 hours before the flight. So please contact us the day before your flight. Passengers must be ready at the time of transfer by Love Tour. If passengers are not ready on time, the driver waits only 5 min. If the customer residence point where transfer will begin is not suitable for driving, passengers must wait on the main road or in a suitable place for the vehicle. Passengers, passports, flight tickets and so on. They are responsible. If the required documents or baggage are forgotten, the transfer vehicle never comes back to pick them up. The service terms of the related company (air tickets, ferries, etc.) are valid for the services of the Love Tour.