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Privacy Policy

The security of your personal information is one of the most important issues for us. No information received from members at is shared with other institutions or organizations. respects the privacy and privacy of the tourist. Some special dictionary can be requested from the bank or from our company verbally or in writing to confirm your order. In the meantime your bank or our company will be waiting for you by calling you and you will ask for confirmation about your order. In order to reach the size of your bank and our company, please make sure that your personal information is up-to-date and available in your bank when you register according to our website. Important Reminder: Security check is available if you can reach the size of your phone number can be canceled. The phone number where you entered your reservation. All kinds of information about your reservation, your phone number and e-mail Security of your credit card information has been configured to give you 24 hour uninterrupted service. At no time and under any circumstances, cannot store or register the credit card of our customers. No Love Tour employees can access the credit card on the beach. In this page, please contact us to contact your credit card for order planning. Your Credit Card information is encrypted before it is sent and is thus Knowing the transfer information is transmitted in the safest way. Your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.) will recognize this certificate and indicate that the pages you enter are secure; The address line will show the addresses with the corresponding https: // (secure pages) in the secure pages. Right bottom security of your browser

Our security system is compatible with all current browsers. You can shop safely from our site and wish you a good holiday. PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA 1 About Policy 1.1 Purpose The purpose of this 7 October 2016 Personal Data Protection and Data Privacy Policy (. Policy in) is to provide information about the current and potential customers, business partners, visitors, shareholders, companies of Ulus Sey.Tur.inş.Ltd.Şti (Love Tour). determination of principles regarding the processing of personal data of third parties related to the managers, employee candidates, employees and authorities of co-operating institutions, protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of persons, especially the privacy of private life, determination of the necessary rights and obligations within the scope of the proper processing of such personal data. , Protecting personal data and creating awareness on data confidentiality in relation to Love Tour employees, Article 20 of the Constitution and Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 ('' Law '') and secondary regulations of this Law. zuata consistency and taking necessary measures in this direction. 1.2 Scope The provisions and principles in the Policy shall cover all kinds of information and documents that may be associated with an identifiable or identifiable natural person and the measures taken and arrangements made thereon.

1.3 Responsible The Committee for the Protection of Personal Data from the preparation and updating of this Policy and the submission of approval by the Board of Directors and / or of the senior management; In the Love Tour Personal Data Protection Committee, the Love Tour is responsible for the use / management of the systems where personal data is kept, processed and / or transferred. 2 Definitions The terms in this Policy refer to the following meanings. Definition Explanation Personal Data Any kind of information about a certain or identifiable natural person Accordingly, the data of legal entities are not protected under the Law. Customized Personal Data Biometric and genetic data of individuals related to race, ethnicity, political thought, philosophical belief, religious, sect or other beliefs, costume and attire, association, foundation or union membership, health, sexual life, criminal conviction and security measures. Open Consent Consent on a specific subject, informed and free consent Anonymity Make personal data unmatchable to a specific or identifiable real person by matching it with other data Law Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data Processing of Personal Data Obtaining or recording, storing, storing, altering, re-arranging, disclosing, transferring, taking over, making available, making, classification or use of personal data in whole or in part automatically or as part of any data logging system. Any transaction on data such as committee Personal Data Protection Board Institution Personal Data Protection Agency Company Ulus Sey.Tur.İnş. ve Tic.Ltd.Şti Data Processing A natural or legal person handling personal data on his behalf on the basis of the authority of the data officer Data Responsible A natural or legal person who is responsible for setting up and managing the data recording system, determining the means and means of processing the personal data

Data Responsible A natural or legal person who is responsible for setting up and managing the data recording system, determining the means and means of processing the personal data 3 Principles of Processing Personal Data Love Tour acquires personal data in accordance with the following principles and principles, and transfers it to third parties. All Love Tour persons within the policy framework are directly responsible for the implementation of these principles. 3.1 Principles of Love Tour's Processing of Personal Data The personal data of Love Tour is processed and maintained in a safe manner for the purpose of lawful, legitimate purpose. When the purpose of processing the personal data is eliminated or when the purpose is finalized, it is anonymized or deleted / destroyed by an appropriate method in accordance with this Policy. Privacy It is essential that the processing of personal data in the Love Tour is carried out in complete confidentiality. In this context, the Love Tour impedes any unauthorized access to personal data to the extent that the facilities allow, and implements any technical and administrative measures. Periodically carries out audits related to this.

Legality Love Tour acquires and treats personal data in accordance with the rules of integrity and law while providing you with travel and other services within the limits set by laws. Anker Tourism notifies you for the purpose of using your personal data and, if necessary, your consent. Actuality and Correctness Personal data by Love Tour is kept complete and accurate and updated as needed. Love Tour makes the necessary arrangements to determine whether personal data is inaccurate or inadequate, corrected, modified, updated or deleted. Specificity and Transparency The principle of processing data for a specific, clear and legitimate purpose ensures that the Love Tour clearly and precisely determines the purpose of data processing and that this purpose is legitimate. Love Tour does not process data for other purposes, except for the purpose of collecting and processing data that it makes transparent to the person concerned. The legitimacy of the purpose means that the data of the Love Tour is linked to and necessary for the work or services it has performed. Attention, Dimension and Consistency The personal data processed by the Love Tour are processed in such a way as to be consistent only with the stated purpose and with a reasonable limitation in this context. Personal data will not be collected for possible data processing purposes in the future and will not be used, processed or transmitted in any way that is not appropriate for the purpose of obtaining personal data. In accordance with the principle of minimum data, personal data is kept limited and measured for the purpose of obtaining, and no data that is not required for this purpose is not kept. Limited Time If the main purpose of the processing of personal data is eliminated and no longer required, the personal data will be deleted. In case of prescribing the data in the laws, these data shall be kept in accordance with the periods stipulated in the relevant legislation; After the expiry of the period stipulated in the legislation, these data shall be deleted / destroyed or anonymized from the systems / devices or the physical environment where the data is stored by Love Tour.

Selection and Approval The Love Tour informs the data owner in full and appropriate terms with regard to the processing of personal data. Where necessary, it receives the consent of the data holder regarding the transaction in question, gives the option of withdrawing or requesting data regarding his or her approval. 3.2 Legal Processing of Personal Data The Love Tour seeks the existence of the person's express consent in order to process personal data and special personal data in accordance with the law. Love Tour, the above mentioned processing activities 3.1. It executes in full compliance with the principles specified in the section. 3.3 Processing Objectives of Personal Data Personal data collected by the Love Tour and personal data of personal nature are processed in accordance with the principle of transparency and openness in accordance with the following two main objectives; a) Execution of our business b) Presentation of travel services: travel planning, carrying out visa applications in order to be submitted to consulates, carrying out insurance operations within the scope of travel, performing the activities related to the services provided to you by the contracted institutions. Providing of accommodation services: Reservation and leasing

b) Improving our service standards and providing customized services for each user Improvement of services: Ensuring customer satisfaction by evaluating requests and complaints by the relevant units, taking customer surveys if necessary and evaluating customer feedback Providing customer service: Reporting, auditing and improving the services that customers have received through call centers, web pages or authorized agencies within the framework of quality standards, and making necessary analysis, improvement of information and information about products and services via e-mail, sms and other means of communication. / to increase the company recognition through messages to be sent with congratulations and other content, and to provide general or customized advertising, announcement, campaign information for the promotion and marketing of our services. For more detailed information about the purposes of processing personal data, please refer to the Love Tour Information Text at love

3.4 Transfer of Personal Data The principles referred to in section 3 above also apply to the transfer of personal data. Love Tour transmits personal data to third parties in a way that is limited to the purpose of transfer and takes the necessary measures. Personal data by Love Tour, in case of one or more of the reasons for the express consent or lawfulness of the person concerned; It is transferred to the third parties who benefit from the services of Love Tour, such as authorized representatives and agencies, official institutions and organizations, service providers, companies providing call center services, etc. Third parties to whom personal data is transferred may not use or process the transferred personal data for purposes other than the purpose of transfer. Third parties to which personal data are transferred are obliged to comply with the instructions given by Love Tour and to take all necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure data security. Love Tour may transfer data to third parties in order to achieve the following objectives and if necessary and necessary; Fulfillment of the obligations stipulated by law or regulations, To fulfill the decision of the court or the decision of the regulatory and supervisory public institution, Ensuring administrative and technical measures as well as infrastructure security Protection of the rights of the Love Tour in the event of a legal dispute. In the case of making abroad the transfer, Chapter 3 in the mentioned conditions and to countries that adequate protection will be determined by the Board in addition to these conditions, to commit themselves while there is no protection in this way an adequate protection of those responsible for the data in Turkey and in the foreign countries in writing and the Board ' The Love Tour may transfer personal data abroad if it is authorized to do so.

4 Our Obligations 4.1 Liability of Lighting Love Tour to get personal data Identity of the data responsible and representative, if any, The purpose of processing personal data, The persons to whom the personal data will be transferred and Provides information on the method of collecting personal data and the legal reason and the rights of the person mentioned in section 4.5 below. 4.2 Liability for Data Security Technical Measures: Love Tour takes the necessary technical measures to prevent unauthorized access and unlawful processing and to prevent accidental loss, alteration and destruction of data. The obligation relates both to the electronic environment and to the physical environment. In this context, the Love Tour designates technical procedures and rules for confidentiality in design and reviews them at specific intervals. The Love Tour ensures that security measures such as encryption, masking, anonymization are implemented by considering current risks and following up-to-date technology. Administrative Measures: Love Tour employees can access personal data only in accordance with the scope and purpose of the task in question. The employees cannot process personal data that they have access by considering personal or commercial purposes; they may not disclose or disclose personal data to unauthorized persons for these purposes. Love Tour informs its employees that they will not disclose personal data obtained for their business purposes in contravention of the provisions of the Law and will not use it other than the purpose of the transaction and will continue after the termination of this duty.

4.3 Data Responsibility Registry The Love Tour is registered / registered in the register of data officers established as per the relevant legislation. The following information is included in the relevant register; Identity and address information of the data responsible and representative The purpose of processing personal data Explanations on data groups and groups and data categories of these persons Recipient or recipient groups where personal data can be transferred Personal data foreseen to be transferred to foreign countries Measures taken for personal data security Maximum period of time for which personal data is processed 4.4 Audit Obligation In order to meet the Love Tour principles and legal requirements for the protection of personal data in its own institutions or organizations and third parties to which it transfers data, Love Tour periodically carries out the necessary inspections on technical and administrative measures.

4.5 Obligation to Respond to Applicants The data owner is interested in contacting the Love Tour; a) To learn whether personal data has been processed, b) If personal data is processed, requesting information about it, c) To learn the purpose of processing the personal data and whether they are used in accordance with their purpose, ç) To know the third parties in which personal data is transferred at home or abroad, d) Requesting correction of personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing, e) Requesting the deletion or destruction of personal data, f) Requesting that the transactions related to the correction, deletion or destruction of personal data be notified to third parties to which personal data is transferred, g) objecting to the emergence of a result against the individual by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems and h) has the right to demand the remedy of the loss in case of loss due to unlawful processing of personal data. In this context, the Love Tour will return to these applications within thirty days at the latest. If the application in question requires additional costs, the Love Tour may charge a fee at the tariff to be determined by the Board for the conclusion of the application. If the processing of the personal data of the person is based on clear consent, the Love Tour will take the necessary steps if the person concerned withdraws his explicit consent.

5 Love Tour Data Processing Operations at Workplaces The workplace entries and personal data processing activities carried out by the Love Tour are carried out in accordance with the Constitution, the Law and other relevant legislation. In this context, the Love Tour keeps an image recording with the camera to ensure security. In addition, the visitor processes the personal data for follow-up. While personal data are obtained during visitors' visits to the Love Tour workplaces, the persons concerned are informed by informing them about the processing activities. In addition, during the visit of Love Tour workplaces, internet access can be provided to our visitors and log records can be kept in such a case. The Love Tour aims to ensure compliance with the applicable legislation in order to ensure that the camera, log and other visitor records are handled as much as possible and at the highest possible level. The Love Tour ensures that only a specified number of authorized persons have access to such digital records in accordance with these Policy principles. Web sites managed by Love Tour may be provided by technical means, such as cookies, etc., as detailed in the privacy policy of the respective website. scanner movements can be saved. The Love Tour aims at ensuring compliance with the applicable legislation in carrying out the registration.

6 Love Tour Personal Data Protection Committee In order to manage this Policy and other related policies, procedures and implementation guidelines related to this Policy and within the Company, diğer Personal Data Protection Committee esinde has been formed in accordance with the decision of the Company's senior management. The duties of this committee are set out below. To present the basic policies for the Protection and Processing of Personal Data and to submit it for the approval of the senior management in order to prepare and enforce the amendments. To decide on how to implement and supervise the policies related to the Protection and Processing of Personal Data and to present the coordination and to provide coordination to the senior management. Identifying the issues to be taken to ensure compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act and the relevant legislation and submitting to the senior management the requirements to be taken; supervising and ensuring coordination. To raise awareness of the Company's business partners in the protection and processing of personal data. Identify the risks that may occur in the Company's personal data processing activities and ensure that necessary measures are taken; to present the approval of the senior management to the improvement proposals. To design and implement trainings on the protection of personal data and the implementation of policies. Decide the applications of personal data owners at the highest level. Personal data owners; coordinate the execution of information and training activities to ensure that they are informed about their personal data processing activities and legal rights. To follow the developments and regulations on the Protection of Personal Data; to advise the senior management on the necessary actions to be taken within the Company in accordance with these developments and regulations. Coordinating relations with the Board of Personal Data Protection and Agency. Execution of other duties of the Company's senior management to protect personal data.