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   Privacy and Security

Dear Internet User,
This site that you have connected to uses GlobalSign Certificate in order to protect the information exchange with its users and to secure it. This has two advantages: Confidence and Proving Identification/Reliability.

1. Confidence
The first meaning of this term is that when you see a lock sign at the right bottom corner of your browser (or when "https:" appears in the address bar), like the one on the right side, your connection is in the password protected mode, in other words it is concealed. Thus you will be able to send any private information such as your name, address, credit card number, bank account number, and password securely and prevent anyone to access this information over Internet.

2. Proving Identification and Reliability
GlobalSign approves the organisational identity of the web site that you have connected to at the same time. Institutions have to present many official documents such as Commerce Registry Bulletin, Tax Certificate, and Circular to prove their organisational identities in order to get their certificates. In order to see the certificates of the sites, just click on the lock sign appearing on the right side of your browser! These identifications are under the guarantee of Globalsign.