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   Daily Excursions
Pamukkale is known as "Cotton Castle" in English and on seeing the stalactites and the white moon craters filled which effort effervescent water, you'll want to know more about this incredible natural wonder. Pamukkale was also renowned in the ancient world as being a curing center of skin ailments etc. Due to calcium in its thermal pools. After a superb open buffet, we will then visit historical city of Hierapolis which was abandoned due to the spread of malaria many centuries ago. It is now known as the Necropolis (Dead City). Your guide will show you various types of ornately carved limestone tombs as well as Apollo Temple, the Theatre and the mysterious Poison Pit! There will be also an opportunity to bathe in "Cleopatra's Poor-it's like relaxing in warmed champagne
Explore of the well preserved archaeological sties of the Roman Empire. Once the largest harbor city and trade centre of Asia Minor, Ephesus now greets thousand of tourist from All over the world every year. You can just imagine the Celcius Library, the shops, the brothel and the open air marble toilets! Also visit the Grand Theatre which has a seating capacity of 25,000! It is where St Paul once gave a speech and where such artists as Sting and Diana Ross has performed! After a splendid open buffet lunch, we will take a tour through the picturesque countryside and stop on this day to see one of the seven wonders "The Artemis Temple",St John's Basilica and the chance to learn about the Art of jewellery and carpet weaving. Don't miss this superb day
Dalyan is where you will find ample opportunity to explore one of the largest National Parks in Turkey has offer. It is where "African Queen" was filmed and where the British Royal Family sometimes holiday. For the nature Lovers among you, the scenery is spectacular and the wildlife is wonderful (home to the Loggerhead Turtles Among other species) it is also your chance to wallow in a mud bath! Cover yourself from head to toe in this Therapeutic treatment for hair and skin. After lunch of local fresh fish or your choice from the menu, meander among the reeds and bamboo by boat Towards. Turtle Beach, which afford magnificent views of the ancient rock tombs of Lycean King's along the way. There is time to swim/relax at Turtle Beach itself before departing
Soak up the sunshine as you glide through the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea de- stress by inhaling the Fresh salt air. Cruise to five unspoiled, scenic bays with the opportunity to snorkel, swim or relax on board. One day on our boat is the equivalent of two days sunbathing on the beach where tans are concerned. The best In boat lunches is offered (the meatballs are legendary) as is the service from your friendly crew. Dont miss This fantastic day out
Visit Greek Island Kos by ferry from Didim D-Marin
Visit Heraklia and Stoll around the village taking in sights such as Endymon Temple, temple of Athena and ruins Of Byzantine Castle. Lunch is local fresh fish from the lake or your choice from the menu. The afternoon consists of a peaceful boat trip on the lake visiting an island to observe the wildlife, swim or simply absorb the spectacular Scenery
If you would like to explore the enchanting underworld of the sea, then why not come diving with us! It doesn't matter Whether you are an experienced diver or not, as all divers are supervised by professional and qualified diving instructors. The price includes a light snack, instruction and equipment
An adventures day out for whole family. If you get bored in city relax on our jeep safaries. Take a break at two of the natures green and blue. Dont forget to take your camera, towel, swim-wear. Be ready for suprises of the water activities.
Turks brought the bath culture to Anatolia which were slightly different from the Roman Bath. As Muslims they were especially concerned about cleanliness, and running water was the abvious answer. The use of bathtub ( or still water ) is not popular for Muslims and after a bath this must be followed by shower. Turkish men and women use hamam. But different times of the days and week. For tourist groups is unisex, as tourists keep their swimming costumes on. The use of an authentic Pestemal , a scrub and soap massage is must for Turkish Bath experience.t is scientific truth that steam and herbal soaps have an anti-aging effect on your skin, this procedure lets your skin breahe and also refreshes the cells.
Take a horse safari and see the amazing country side from back of your sure footed and reliable animal. Ride the horses into the see and swim beside them.
Spend a day to explore the streets of Bodrum on your own time and travel by ferry. On the way, you can sunbathe on board and there is a bar where you can purchase drinks.
Enjoy a splashing day ! slide activities for all ages such as Kamikaze, Twister, Free Fall. For the less brave, enjoy the multi-slides and wave pools. Simply relax in the jakuzi pool and soak up the sun.